Professor, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Miami Health System
Director, Division of Infection, Inflammation and Vascular Biology, University of Minnesota Medical School

Sabita Roy, PhD is investigating the molecular mechanism of morphine-induced immunosuppression. Impaired immunity is a major contributing factor in the prevalence of opportunistic infections such as AIDS in chronic drug abusers. Understanding the molecular mechanism of morphine action will facilitate the development of biotherapies to overcome immunosuppression while retaining analgesic properties.


Research Interest

Opioids are the gold standard for the management of moderate to severe cancer pain. The clinical use of opioids is limited because of co-morbidities associated with extended use. The goal of Dr. Roy’s studies is to identify therapeutic targets that can prolong opioid use and minimize its co-morbidities. Their recent studies show an association between chronic opioid use and altered gut microbiome. These findings have strong implications that manipulating the gut microbiome can be a potential therapeutic target to improve the pain relieving efficacy of opioids.




Select Publications

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  • Kelschenbach J, Ninkovic J, Wang JH, Krishnan A, Charboneau R, Barke RA, Roy S (2008) Morphine withdrawal inhibits inhibits macrophage IL-12 synthesis by modulating the cAMP signaling pathway. J Immunol. (in press)
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