Ido Strauss, MD, PhD specializes in functional and stereotactic neurosurgery, and currently heads the Neuromodulation unit in the Neurosurgical Department at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel. He received his MD/PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

After completing neurosurgical residency in Tel Aviv Medical Center he went on to a fellowship in Functional Neurosurgery in Toronto, Canada. In recent years his main focus is in neurosurgical procedures to modulate or disconnect pain pathways in the central nervous system.

Co-director of an interdisciplinary palliative pain clinic for cancer patients suffering from refractory pain. The clinic aims to evaluate cancer patients who have failed all other “conventional” treatments and are suffering from intractable pain due to cancer. Appropriate patients are offered to undergo neurosurgical interventions that disconnect the pain pathways in their spinal cord or modulate the pain perception in the brain neural-networks.