Past President,
Cancer Pain Research Consortium
Co-lead, Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care Center,
Baylor College of Medicine
Director of Pain Medicine,
Baylor College of Medicine
Associate Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,
Baylor College of Medicine
2018-2020 President,
Texas Pain Society

Brian M. Bruel, MD, MBA has practiced pain medicine for more than 10 years with a large neuromodulation practice consisting of intrathecal therapy for both pain and spasticity.

Dr. Bruel has extensive experience in spinal cord stimulation and has contributed to the training of numerous pain fellows. He has extensive clinical expertise in the management of Cancer Pain, with years of experience working in NCI-designated Cancer Centers.

Dr. Bruel is co-lead in the development of The Cancer Survivorship and Supportive Care Center at Baylor College of Medicine where he is the Director of Pain Medicine.